Annual meeting

We have received numerous resident complaints about the beach situation. Our population has increased, so we ask you to please follow the BIA beach rules and general rules of etiquette. The beach belongs to all of us.

  • BIA rules state that no personal belongings may be left on the beach overnight. Any personal belongings found on the beach after 10:30 pm will be removed. If you leave your belongings on the beach and they are missing, you should check behind the clubhouse. Likewise, if you find someone's belongings and you remove them, you should put them behind the clubhouse to be claimed.
  • Please be considerate when driving to the beach. Many residents have two and even three golf carts in addition to other vehicles. We have received complaints that folks are parking both a vehicle and one or more golf cart at the beach. This certainly is not fair to others given the limited parking.
  • There is no parking of any motor vehicle or golf cart at any time on the right side of the boat ramp or on any private property surrounding the beach. We have the right to have any golf cart or vehicle towed that is in violation of this or any rule.
  • Beaching of boats is a privilege, not a right. Please use common sense when doing this and be mindful of taking up space for the entire day -- give others a chance. Also keep in mind the safety of beach goers.
  • There should be absolutely no canoes/kayaks/boats within the swim lines. This is extremely dangerous.
  • There is no fishing from either the boat slip docks or the day dock (boat launch)..

PLEASE NOTE: Homeowners are liable for the behavior of their guests and renters and ultimate responsibility for payment of fines and other penalties lies with the homeowner.

The roads, beach and common properties belong to all of us. If you see someone doing something they are not supposed to be doing or exhibiting questionable behavior, it is your right and duty as a BIA member to say something. If the behavior is illegal or dangerous, you should contact the Moultonborough Police immediately.