1. Golf carts may only be operated from sunrise to sunset unless properly equipped with operational headlights and taillights.  Golf cart must be a standard non modified golf cart acceptable for use on a sanctioned golf course and as regulated by any local state or federal laws.
  2. Golf carts may only be operated by a driver with a duly issued motor vehicle operator’s license.
  3. No standing or hanging from the golf cart shall be permitted.
  4. Towing of objects by a golf cart is not permitted.
  5. Reckless driving or speeding above listed speeds is not permitted.
  6. All golf carts must be listed with Balmoral Board of Directors.  Upon proof of liability insurance, two Balmoral stickers with a number will be assigned.  The stickers should be affixed to the front left and right front fenders.  No other numbers other than those provided by Balmoral may be displayed. 
  7. Failure to comply with the regulations regarding golf carts may result in action from the Board of Directors as set forth below:
  • First Offense:        $25 fine
  • Second Offense:   $150 fine
  • Third Offense:      $500 fine as well as suspension of the operator and/or golf cart for the remainder of season based on severity of the issue or continuance of problematic issues by said cart or its users. 

The Board may enforce collection of any fines by taking all steps in its power, including, but not limited to filing a lien against the property owner and commencing collection proceedings.  


Absolutely no vehicles of any kind on the boat ramp during the winter months. Use emergency entrance to beach only.


  • This dock is for boat launch and retrieval only and there is a 15-minute limit
  • Please do not tie-up or block access to this dock at any time
  • This dock may be used by authorized boats only displaying Balmoral a sticker 


  • No Power Loading Boats on Trailers
  • No Wake Area 150 Feet from Shore, Beach Area & Canal
  • Inspect and Remove Milfoil.  Do Not Discard in Water
  • Private boat launch for Balmoral Residents; no commercial use permitted.  Please LOCK GATE after boat is launched or retrieval.


  • Residents and Guests Only
  • No fishing or swimming from boat docks
  • No trash pick-up please take your trash with you
  • No pushing or horseplay on the swim platform
  • No life guard on duty - swim at your own risk
  • No overnight beaching of boats
  • No Dogs or pets allowed on beach – State Law
  • Do Not Feed the Ducks - State Law
  • Beach closed at 10:30 PM and all personal belongings must be off the beach by then or they will be removed. - POLICE TAKE NOTICE
  • Parents, please watch your children.
  • The BIA beach parking permit must be displayed on your dashboard with the number of the permit showing to identify you as a BIA owner or renter. Outsiders will be asked to leave.
  • No Glass containers are allowed on the Beach.
  • Park your boat trailer either at the Club House of at your home.
  • Overflow car parking is available at the clubhouse.  Do not park along Paradise Drive, the police will ticket your vehicle or have it towed.
  • No bikes, mopeds, go carts, cars or trucks are allowed on the beach.

REWARD OF $1,000 for information leading to the
arrest and conviction of anyone causing damage
to BIA property