The Board of Directors shall maintain a list of current assignments to each boat slip that the Association owns and maintains. In addition, the Board of Directors shall maintain a list of the members who have indicated a desire for an assignment to a boat slip. This list shall be used to fill vacancies and shall be applied on a first-come first-serve basis. To qualify for an assignment or to continue an assignment of a boat slip, the member must be in good standing in accordance with Article I, Section II, comply with the rules and regulations that the Association may enact from time to time and pay the usage fee as set by the Board of Directors. Only one boat slip may be assigned per member or household. Boat slips are for the exclusive use of the membership, no boat slips may be rented, leased, or sublet. The assignment of a boat slip shall continue from year to year subject to the rules as defined herein.  

All monies collected from the rental of the boat docks are to be used only to support the docks for any and all maintenance and expenses of the yearly installation and removal of the seasonal boat docks.  Any money remaining in this line item is to be carried over from year to year and is to be held separate.  The carry over funding could be used to add more docks to the existing dock plan, if permitting allows.  The monies could also be used for any and all legal fees that may be incurred in the pursuit of additional docking.